Other than Twitter/Instagram accounts that constantly share cute animal pictures and videos, there aren’t many websites/pages I visit regularly… at least not that I can think of. So, instead of sharing links (which was the original purpose of this page), I’ll share my current favorite movies, shows, books, artists and etc.

The Britney Podcast

I had never listened to a podcast. I used to visit Bradley Stern’s website, muumuse.com, at least weekly about a decade ago (I think?). One of my favorite friends and I would laugh out loud at its Daily B section, in which Bradley would talk about Britney Spears using the funniest stan language. I kept following him on Twitter through the years, and I was aware he was involved in a podcast about her career, but I just wasn’t very interested in podcasts. When I gave them a go, though… I became obsessed. Every single episode of their “20 Years of Britney” saga made me laugh until my belly hurt. It’s just so light hearted and fun. They look at every year of her career through a fairly reasonable lens, making fun of her and offering sympathy when it is due. They’ve reminded me why I never stopped rooting for her, and why I’ve always thought her fandom was the funniest and least judgmental of them all. Truth is, most of us expect nothing, and look at everything she releases as some kind of bonus, which in itself I find hilarious. I’ve gotten two friends hooked on this podcast, and I would recommend it to anyone who has ever been a Britney fan and needs a good laugh. It is available on every known platform, and you can get the links on www.20yearsofbritney.com.