I love building websites about artists whose careers I enjoy. I’ve done it since my early teenage years and never really grew out of the hobby, so I still keep a few up-to-date. I realize people generally believe this is some kind of weird celebrity worshipping activity, but I’ve never looked at it that way. I have fun being online, and I find the process of putting a website together relaxing and fun. I know nothing about these people’s personal lives, I just honestly enjoy their work.

The List

Title: I Heart Watson

My very first fansite was for actress Emma Watson, which makes sense, seeing as “Harry Potter” was the first book I ever read that wasn’t mostly pictures, and I fell in love with that whole universe as soon as the first movie came out. Although the fansite I made her didn’t last very long, I ended up taking over I Heart Watson with my friend Neide, which has been online since 2007. When Emma had an official website, IHW was listed among her favourite links.

Title: I Heart Saoirse

My second fansite is about actress Saoirse Ronan, which was launched in 2013. She has been in many movies I love, and I noticed back then there were no updated archives of her work online. I believe my favorite movies of hers around that time were “Atonement”, “The Way Back” and “Hanna”. Since then, she’s been in others that I enjoy even more, such as “Byzantium”, “The Grand Budapest Hotel”, “Brooklyn” and “Lady Bird”. The last one is now my favorite. I run this fansite with Dani and Bella.