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best aha serum being using on face

What Is The Best AHA Serum?What Is The Best AHA Serum?

When it comes to beauty and skincare advancements keep being made at a break neck pace and it is difficult to keep up with all the new interesting components, new discoveries and buzzwords that keep popping up in the scene. Squalene, glicolic acid, BHA and AHA are words that a Viviane Woodard Skincare addicts has definitely heard but might not know what they mean or what they do.

In this article we aim to help you understand better what is “AHA serum”: AHA, short for Alpha Hydroxy Acid, is a group of plant and animal based acids that are used in beauty and skincare products for its anti aging and soft peeling effects. This group includes acids such as citric acid, glicolic acid, lactic acid and many others.

Why should you use AHA Serums?

Many studies on show that the benefits ascribed to Alpha Hydroxy Acid are not bogus and this group of acids show really promising results in the areas of promoting blood flow and increasing collagen, correcting discoloration from age, sun spots or damage to the skin, improve surface wrinkles and the overall tone and elasticity of the skin, brightening complexion, preventing skin breakouts and helping with the absorption of other products, making it a staple in many beauty products such as toners or serums.

In serums, all the active ingredients are distilled and concentrated to deliver the highest quantity and quality of active ingredients to the skin with in the shortest time possible, which means not only you are getting a better product which has the most benefits for your skin but also the best “bang for your buck”. Serums are really loved by skincare addicts because they will help your skin get the highest amount of nutrients in the shortest time possible, without using too much product (which ends up saving you money in the long run). Therefore, AHA serums will have a high, concentrated amount of Alpha Hydroxy Acids to help your skin look and feel better in a short time. They are usually used before your moisturizing cream beause your skin absorbs them fast !